Aiden - is a creature from another world, connected by an invisible thread from Swanson, but after leaving in the Big World the string broke. Most often he changes his form to other creatures could not recognize him including Sein's.


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Interesting Facts

  • Aiden's never touched Swanson's family, Orlin's just wanted it.
  • He is a friend only two Clans[1].
  • He cannot touch the Swanson's, as between them, something like invisible walls[2].





Finally! You're just in time. Can watch my triumphant care to the Big Ground! By the way despite all my words, your sister did very well with its task... As for you. Alas, you were never part of my plans... Goodbye!


Oh-Oh-Oh! Monkey. And what were you hoping to find? You like your stupid sister priceless goes to and fro, here and there. I hasten to disappoint you, but you're not gonna find her! What?! She never told you about me? But I remember how you brainwashed her: "I need your help. Help!" Bullshit. You're all worthless! I was a wolf without a shell so far! Do my principles seem so unacceptable? Wandering ones, you fade away in the throes of loneliness in the Hope of finding each other! But when you find... Know what she wanted to do to me? And what she did with many? Or she never told you? Yes I am hinting at you that she would have killed you. You just use each other! It's my time to use you!


What kills me makes me stronger!


Great fruit, eagle cactus. Help us...