Bendy is a large, muscular, broad-shouldered black-and-white cat with black eyes,[1] a broad head and long thick smooth fur.
Angry, bloodthirsty, brave and very clever cat.



Henry's Memories

It appears in the memory Henry. He is the leader of his brothers. Hearing the call of the father, Bendy turns into Ink and rushes to the father.



  • In «Ink Demon» he's a Warrior, though it was the Herald.[2]




Foster Mother:

  • Six: deceaseds







Fear is the path that will lead you all to the dark side. Fear turns into anger, anger turns into hate, hate turns to suffering


Pathetic Warriors, I hate all of you!


Memory is like a sharp stone - it hurts and painful


Many years have passed. I studied the history of the past. Listened to the stories of Elders, but none of them could help me. All these stories were for little kittens and teen wolf. I started to think that my dream will not come true, so to not forget. I wrote on the walls in the cave of his Mentor that dreams come true. I knew that was going crazy. I finally heard a couple of stories that I heard described methods of bringing life and even how to pass my own life to... Someone else. I put in his cave nithing. I was talking to him when you feel alone. Gradually my thought is to give life to another has been replaced with the idea of creating a second self. Why did I do that? Because I wanted to give life to the second I. Because I wanted to see the faces of all those who thought I was wrong. Because I wanted to be different, my own creation and show they stupid that they were wrong here. When I reviewed their inscriptions, I came across the inscription of his Mentor... I lost contact with him, since he left our Clan. We were both creators, but he was a traitor! «He lied to us. He never wanted the fulfillment of our dreams. He is only interested in success. Liar. Liar. Liar.» - the thought never left my head. My obsession with the fulfillment of my dreams, only even more immersed me into madness. I was no longer Deputy. Now I'm the Leader!


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