Chloe is a large flexible cat white in color with a soft, thick, long hair, blue bangs, with a torn ear, long and sleek with a fluffy tail and blue eyes.
She is stubborn, mischievous and rebellious cat. It can be described as bold and friendly. She has, however, a filthy mouth, from which times you can hear the sarcastic comments and funny phrase. The cat likes to take risks, which often gets in trouble. Due to bad experiences in the past many years, it has become pessimistic and resentful to life, convinced that there are beings who need it and there are those who she can trust. Sometimes it is not sensitive to the emotions of others, which seems selfish. In addition, Chloe — proprietary nature, wanting to close attention was directed at her, and hurt when creatures go against her wishes. On her protect those dear to her, she is very loyal to his loved ones, which is a faithful companion, although she is prone to get attached and be Intrusive. It is quite simple, Chloe is very flirtatious and loves to tease. Despite the seemingly rough appearance, Chloe is fragile and scared cat; her cruel behavior can be nothing other than the usual cover-up, created in order to protect yourself from more pain. It is likely that Chloe is suffering from depression caused by the loss of loved ones and loneliness. This may imply that Chloe suffers from insomnia, and friendship with the Kelly's had suicidal thoughts. Chloe is also showing signs of a personality disorder, judging by her problems with trust and loneliness. All the destructive traits of cats, including the Leader of the rebellion and family abuse drug Jimmy's, and loss of control over their own lives, can be associated with her depression. Through this lifestyle she cope with the despair that fills up the emptiness inside and eases the pain. In addition, without emotion can also be linked to experiences of loss of loved ones and progressive depression. She was best friends with Jimmy's until, until he went into his cave, leaving Chloe's and Kelly Sydney King's. Friendship again slowly reviving. After Jimmy left, best friend Chloe's became Kelly Sydney King's.


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Interesting Facts

  • She can die or have close encounters with death in all book except «Henry's Memories» and «Jimmy's Hallucinations».
  • She constantly says the word «Hella».
    • This word roughly means «Very», «Extremely», «Very much».
  • Chloe doesn't like to smile when talking about it often reminds Jimmy's that maybe because of her depression and resentment.




Foster Mother:


Foster Father:


9 lives



1 Killed by Jimmy

2 Broken neck

3 Overdose drug Jimmy's

4 Killed by Kelly Sydney King

5 Downed a dragon off a cliff

6 Suicide

7 Dies during a storm

8 Killed by Kelly Sydney King


Everybody lies, no exceptions.


Everyone cares about themselves until they die.


Sometimes the most brutal path is the most honest.


She looks super happy.


She looks super sad.


She looks super funny and cute.


Separation. Has no color. So why is she so takes for the heart, his painting of sadness?


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