Fredd and Orilinda – a series of books narrating the life and adventures of wild creatures living in the woods on a single planet the Nibel and divided into Clans and Tribes. The book says a group of authors. The series of books has been translated into more than fifteen languages.

The authors

Under the pseudonym of «Battlefront» are more than ten authors: Kelly Sydney King Clarence, Jimmy Clarence, Bonnie McGee, Karina Baryshnikova, Nathan Steele, James Hoxworth, Philipa Vanderberg, Alexander Meriglav, Valeria Radenskaya, Johnny Revicki Denis Horvat, Max Rotanski и Tony Montan. Of these, the main series of writing the first three. The books main series write to the queue Bonnie McGee and Jimmy Clarence, Sydney and Kelly king Clarence coordinated the work and wrote the individual books, also included in the series. Officially writer Tony Montan is not included in this group of authors, but he also publishes under the pseudonym of the stories included in the official source.