Orlin is a longhair[2] black[3] cat with left blue eye[4] and right red eye[4] from which comes the flame[4] and white tips of the front[3] paws.
Very smart and strict Leader of the BloodClan. Ready to go at all just to save your Clan and your kittens from the clutches of evil.


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Interesting Facts

  • Because an Orlin's in a past life was the Blood That Flows Through Veins's , she says the language of the Ancient Caste[5].
  • In her flows blood of Eternal Hunt Clan, since she was born there, blood FireClan, since as her father and grandfather were Fire Warriors and blood Caste of Ancient, since she is half cat Caste of Ancients.
  • In battle she always wins as she releases the spirit of Kevin's in a fight[4][3].
  • She and Kevin's are irrelevant to the Sein's and Aiden's[6].


  • The illustration of the story «Epidemic», she is depicted with blue eyes and no white tip front paws[7].
    • Also in the illustration of the Guide it is shown with gray ears and muzzle[8].
    • In illustration from the Danish book «De Historier Rygraden» she is shown without the white tips of paws[9].

Additional information

  • Gift: to see what others can't see.
  • Gift: feels what is happening with her children in the far distance.
  • In a past life: Blood That Flows Through Veins.




Foster Mother:











  • Harley: living
  • Shard: living
  • Two unknown kitten: deceaseds



Distant relatives:

18 lives



1 Hypothermia

2 Drowned

3 Force of impact

4 Killed by Ovilina

5 Killed by Tailless

6 Blood loss while kitting

7 Killed by Nightmare

8 Killed by dogs

9 Killed by dogs

10 Killed by Sam

11 Killed by Aiden

12 Crashed

13 Killed by Twolegs

14 Killed by Twolegs

15 Killed by Twolegs

16 Killed by Twolegs

17 Killed by Twolegs

18 Killed by Twolegs


No. In blood battle, you wouldn't even have time to uncover the fall!


Since then, as the Damned do not disturb us, my choice remains with me... I spent too much time on the other side. In StarClan...Memories mixed up and fade away. I don't feel the time and don't know what was "before" and what was "after". It's been three moons since then, as I was on the verge of... If honest, I need to establish with my life... Life without Kevin... How much remember yourself Warrior... Always dreamed to live without him... Well, my dream came true... What I am unhappy now... Feeling as if from me cut a big piece... Knowing that he was any night can come to me. I continue to miss... But since that time it doesn't come...


Spirits do not live here... They come for something!


These are the bones of your ancestors... They should rests together in the same land...


Kevin... We could not leave... Our souls were connected and intertwined... I loved you and hated too... You were always a part of me — on eyes it had tears — I can't believe that you're gone


She found herself on the verge of life and death. Before her was a choice of three sides... She came to the StarClan — The side... StarClan - another world. Become the wind or the Stars... Eternity with Kevin and those I love... — she turned to ordinary world — Live, love, feel, grow old... Stay with the kittens and not give them strength to fade away... — She turned to the black and infinite Void — Live only for their borders... See my family to only in my sleep... And not to chat with all the Clans... I have no choice...


At some moment, I felt love... I was hoping that the IceMane will come to me... But no! At that moment, I was sitting in the cave and saw someone wrote on a stone "I still here"... I could not believe my eyes... And then I heard his voice... Voice of Kevin...


What is there normal life after this? Besides, who really needs such a life? I waited so long for this... Then I realized this life was not for me. I have seen already a lot sphere... Their hundreds around the world... Creatures from the void continue to haunt us. Caves in which hell is going on terrible... Gorge where the once dead creatures... They surround us. They are everywhere and do not depart from us even for a second, waiting in the wings...


Nothing left... Only death, chaos and devastation... Damn still broke into our world... In my head still left memories. And I their will never forget... I was left alone with my mistakes and bad memories.... I couldn't stop them... Although not, could... Now all live with the Damned including I...


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