Sam is a longpaw huge and broad-shouldered cat gray-blue color with unusually long and sharp claws, scars all over her body, thick fur, powerful muscles and blue eyes. Through the nose is a scar[1].
The character of Sam has been formed under the influence of his innate qualities and training. The expulsion of the father and mother of the Clan contributed to the fact that the cat disliked all the groups. Cruel and bloodthirsty the education Sphere and Pilgrim nurtured cruelty and bloodlust in him. Sam hated all groups. For the sake of power he could go at least for the killing, though at the betrayal. He harbored no respect for Elders nor StarClan, nor to the laws. A huge strength of spirit made him a great Healer, which, moreover, was able to calculate every step and manipulate others, partly misleading them. All this together made it one of the most dangerous cats in the forest[1].


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Interesting Facts

  • He was the best kitten for his mother and his father[1].






Foster Kitten:

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